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‘Only another 43 to go …’ Hazel Riley helps feed the troops in Wales, 1980s

‘Only another 43 to go …’ Hazel Riley helps feed the troops in Wales, 1980s


Cooking and inclusive practice for archaeological digs and field camps

“So the pre-Dig registration questionnaires are back. Someone in the supervisory team is collating the 'dietary needs' section. They've gone quiet; finally they mutter, 'So we've got thirty meats, five vegetarians, four vegans, three gluten-frees, someone's diabetic, and Alice on Small Finds says if we ever feed her beetroot again she won't be responsible for her actions'.”


I decided to put this low-cost e-book together following my series of articles on this website, written between 2017-18. My ‘Dig Food’ blog arose out of a piece that was picked up by thousands of readers, ‘Excavation - let’s talk about the mental and physical challenges of excavation’. This small book incorporates the best of these pieces and adds significant new content (especially recipes), all illustrated with original photographs.

I hope that this book is useful for anyone planning or running a dig or fieldwork project. There are sections on inclusive food and menus for participants who require meals that are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and ‘diabetic-friendly’ (low carb) – all made easy and affordable. NB: all proceeds from the sale of this book will be used towards funding my Open Access website to keep it free to use, without adverts.


This all began when I read a series of Twitter posts between Penelope Foreman, Anne Teather, Matt Pope and Cath Poucher, so thank you to all of these insightful archaeologists; and to everyone who has voiced encouragement, notably the legendary Bob Muckle, and Theresa O’Mahoney of All Inclusive Archaeology. Thanks also to Bob for permission to use his ‘Feed The Archaeologists’ photo.

Indicative Contents



1 Introduction – why write this book?

2 Excavation – let’s talk about the mental and physical challenges

3 Excavation challenges – food, fieldwork and difference

4 Please Feed the Archaeologists (Recipes for All) – getting into the right mind-set

5 Vegetarian and vegan considerations – making it easy

6 Branching out to embrace vegan and gluten-free (and beginning to think about diabetic-friendly food, too)

7 Food store and prep

8 A suggested week of fieldwork recipes

9 Fieldwork food and diabetes

10 Round-up – quantities, dietary alternatives & equipment


(I) Soups

(II) Main Meals

(III) Sides and snacks

(IV) Desserts / puddings

(V) Breakfasts

(VI) Lunches


Available Autumn 2019

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