A Gazetteer of Roman Villas in Britain (1993) Copyright: Eleanor Scott

If you have any trouble downloading the PDF file above, I can email it to you on request - please use the Contact form on this website. Many thanks to Nick Hodgson and colleagues for providing the file.

News Update: Digitisation of the Gazetteer

Exciting news from Scott Vanderbilt - he has completed digitisation of the Gazetteer onto a map of Roman Britain. More news and links to Scott's website soon.

Gazetteer 2 Project - Join In

This Gazetteer was only ever meant to be a 'handbook' that I compiled to help me write my PhD thesis back in the dark ages of card index boxes and daisy wheel printers. The Gazetteer very much needs updating (and always has done), ideally with the results being an online resource.

Last year (2015) I spent a couple of weeks playing with Warwickshire's online Historical Environment Record ('HER' - what used to be called a Sites and Monuments Record or 'SMR'), working through the most recent county records to produce a second edition of the Warwickshire chapter of the Gazetteer. The difference between this and the first edition is startling. (Please note: it's still a work in progress.)

If you can help update a county, whether as a student project or as a private study, please contact me. This will be a really valuable collective endeavor. I'm also working on Buckinghamshire, but every other county is up for grabs (along with completing Warwicks and Bucks).

These kinds of projects, if they are accompanied by a good quality discussion, make for really worthwhile and manageable student dissertations and research projects.