I'm Dr Eleanor Scott and this is my site which features an Archaeology Blog, Open Access articles, and some previously unpublished papers. The material is varied and includes the Roman world, infanticide, and Gertrude Bell.

I also have a Political Blog here about my foray into politics; and I've started an Urban Life Blog about growing stuff, food (and not wasting it), and city wildlife. This is the main site hub. Picture links are below, full menu above. (I do accept a few writing commissions, with rates from the ever-popular pro bono upwards.)


'It is actually possible to perform a neat trick and to make decent meals on a dig or in a fieldwork setting that are vegetarian and vegan and gluten-free and compatible with eating plans recommended for people with Type 2 diabetes.

'And I think it is increasingly worth knowing how do this, as an inclusive response to the pre-Dig gathering of information that is the registration process'


'How someone died is not always relevant to how they lived; but in the case of Gertrude Bell, I believe that the circumstances of her death tell us a great deal about how she felt about her own life'

'That same night, the screaming started, as giant cockroaches flew into the communal awning and landed on people's backs and heads'

'I've never yet been on a dig where there wasn't at least one vegetarian or vegan. And there's always been a tedious ass-hat trying to wind them up - and that really needs to bite the dust'

Vegan recipes for digs and fieldwork conditions

'Dig food is dig fuel - never underestimate its importance for powering an excavation'

Bulk food recipes you can make for everyone - in a cramped shed

'Food is essential, food is emotional and food is political. I think that the dig director who doesn’t ‘get’ this is seriously missing a trick'

How and why to feed your volunteers well on a dig - and how and why to include and enable

'As at Greenham, they acted against the grain of their landscapes towards the women, redefining their orthodox masculinities, and I think that that is worth acknowledging'

'These were the turbulent years when the Ottoman Empire was in decline and the western colonial powers – especially Britain – were busy creating modern political geography'





'It's been a while since I resigned as a matter of conscience from the Portsmouth Liberal Democrat machine - well, to be honest it was less of a well-oiled machine at that point and more like a charabanc with the wheels coming off - and it's been many months since I particularly had cause to think about it.

'But in the last few days I've been reading about the Football Association's (mis)handling of the Mark Sampson case, particularly the allegations of his poor conduct involving women, and the saga has perhaps inevitably planted elements of the Hancock debacle at the forefront of my brain again.'


Spring into Summer in the Urban Garden

I started this blog to chart our year, loving urban wildlife, growing herbs, fruits and vegetables, and cooking & eating what we grow.

Crow Freedom! Our rescue crow - Mortimer's story

This was a dilemma for us. The only circumstance where it's appropriate to rescue a wild bird is when it's injured and there is danger nearby - and this little bird was most definitely injured, still flightless, next to a main road and at the mercy of cats, dogs, foxes, rats, people and traffic

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